About jlg-learning.com

JLG Learning was established in 2017 as an educational certification learning platform of JLGOV LLC, to help people deal with changes and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the 21st Century. We are the global leader in online on-demand video-based learning solutions for IT, CyberSec, Project Management, IT Service Management and Office Professionals, providing the most up to date self-paced career certification and job related training library available.

JLG Learning blends technical know-how and a quality knowledge base and implements that blend throughout the four corners of the globe. It empowers you with complete control over the learning process. Learn via OnDemand Training whenever you want. We have recreated the classroom experience for students who are not able to fit a class schedule into their busy lifestyle. JLG Learning provides you the finest instructor led lectures with the latest Technological trends in content development and delivery to help create your own unique learning.

At JLGOV we are committed to providing the right professionals for the right opportunity. We have a network of government, commercial and educational organizations that look to us for placing the right IT professionals in their organizations.